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DINOSAURS and other June highlights @NMNH
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June 2019 at Natural History

Fossil Hall's Grand Opening is June 8

The David H. Koch Hall of Fossils - Deep Time opens to the public on Saturday, June 8! Join us for once-in-a-lifetime festivities during opening month.

You're invited to preview the new exhibition at a black tie gala on June 6, or join us for a special early breakfast on June 15. Don't miss these exciting opportunities to experience life's 3.7 billion-year history on Earth.

The Today Show Visits Deep Time

NBC's Tom Costello gets a sneak peek inside the Fossil Hall during this segment of The Today Show. 

Fossil Hall Sends Forceful Message about Climate Change

The Washington Post reports that the museum's revamped fossil hall "is a radically new kind of natural history exhibition."

As Kirk Johnson, Sant Director of the National Museum of Natural History, puts it, "Paleontology is the backstory to what's happening today. We have a responsibility to present that science to the nation ... and to make clear the implications for the future."


Megalodon: Prehistoric Monster of the Deep

Visitors entering the museum's newly renovated café can feast under a life-sized model of a prehistoric shark known as C. megalodon. Don't worry - the creature lived millions of years ago, so humans aren't on the menu.

New! Family Membership

Unleash your inner child and let your children unleash their potential as you experience the wonders of the natural and cultural world, here at your natural history museum, with a family membership. Begin your journey together today and receive special Fossil Hall opportunities.
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Top Banner Image: Image Credit: Boncom for the Smithsonian Institution
News: Image Credit: NBC/The Today Show
News story #2: Image Credit: Katherine Frey/The Washington Post 
 Image Credit: Smithsonian Institution
In Case You Missed It: Image Credit: Smithsonian Institution
Family Membership: Image Credit: Smithsonian Institution

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